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pitti uomo

engaging talent for a pitti uomo program

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What I appreciate about style and its power to transform is the ability it gives people to feel like they’re fully or almost reaching their full potential. It’s the confidence, and it’s the opportunity gives you to express yourself in a way words or actions can’t. 
The one item every man should own is a watch: and not just any watch, it should be a watch that is more than just a functional timepiece. It should be more than just an accessory, it should be a talking point and a financial and emotional investment! ”
I was born in Florence and here we have an old typical Florentine saying that says ... “chi più spende, meno spende” that more or less is similar at the english quote “you buy cheap, you buy twice” . In my opinion this is a great point of view if you want to “invest” money in clothing or accessories and not simply “spend it”.